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Value-Added Network, VANs are still the most widely used method of communication for EDI transactions. Samples of VANs are GXS, Sterling Commerce and Inovis. Point-to point links often present a scheduling problem for trading partners as well as more demanding technical requirements in terms of reliability and robustness. It is often not convenient for a receiver to accept transactions when a sender chooses to transmit them. The solution to this problem is a Value-Added Network that provides a store-and-forward mailbox service.

Value Added Network

A sender connects with the Value-Added Network and sends its EDI transactions to the recipient's mailbox where they are stored. The sender then disconnects from the service and when it is convenient, the recipient can connect to the network and receive those transactions from their mailbox. With this approach, both sending and receiving parties must use the same EDI standard transactions.

VANs provide many other important services such as communicating with other VANs, archive and restore transmissions, audit and trace communications. They also provide secure connections, encryption as well as gateways to direct connections such as AS2 and to various non-EDI deliveries methods like Web, faxing, email and many other features.

123 EDI remains committed to work with ALL VANs as part of its basic philosophy of openness and to allow customers to choose any VAN for their business transactions.


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