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For our FTP communications, 123 EDI has selected the leading software WS FTP from Ipswitch, a robust and flexible FTP client. The following is a list of its most important features:

OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
OpenPGP provides with the ability to create an additional level of privacy by encrypting a file with key technology so that only the file recipient, who had previously provided their own public key (up to 4096 bits) can read it. When encrypted, the message appears as a meaningless jumble of random characters.

Bullet-proof Security
WS_FTP Professional 2006 is the only file transfer client to offer 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) keys with SSL transfers, encrypting data with AES secure enough for use with classified government documents.

SFTP over SSH 2.0
Secures your data during the access and remote management of files on legacy systems (running on UNIX as well as on Windows servers).

UPnP support on Windows XP permits SSL via NAT firewalls
Enhances performance and protects your data when running behind firewalls and NAT devices. You can configure an IP address and port range when using PORT command over SSL and in addition, WS_FTP Professional includes SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 Proxy Support.

Scripting allows you to automate the transfer and management of files through a series of FTP commands such as "open," "get," and "put". It enables the user to create a script that instructs WS_FTP Professional to upload certain files, and with the use of the Scheduler, to run the script at regularly scheduled times.

Auto Retry
Allows you to define the number of automatic retries for failed downloads in order to increase your chance of a successful transfer.

Firescript Editor
Provides you with the ability to customize scripts, enabling you to easily transfer files through your unique firewall configuration. It will save you time and also provide you with unlimited access to, and selection of, files for uploading and downloading.

Dial-up Manager
Once you start an FTP connection, the WS_FTP Professional automatically dials up to connect to the Internet. After you have closed WS_FTP Professional, the dial-up session is automatically terminated and you will no longer have to wait for a large file to download before terminating your dial-up session, or shutting down your computer.


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