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123 EDI uses LexiCom from Cleo Communications as its communications platform for ebXML, an easy-to-use, yet powerful and reliable client software package for secure communications. LexiCom offers pre-configured connections to many major trading networks and integration with all of the major EDI translators. The software is eBusinessReady certified for ebXML. Some of the characteristics of this communication option are:

Seamless Integration
EDI Engine™ integrates easily into LexiCom. (123 EDI implemented the interface in 2002, when AS2 became a requirement by major retailers). Check Press Release for details.

Easy Integration
EDI Engine™ integrates with the basic version of LexiCom and there is no need for special versions.

Pre-configured Hosts
Reduce setup time with connections to popular trading networks (hubs) including Wal-Mart, Lowes, Target, FoodLion, Home Depot, DaimlerChrysler, Covisint, and many others. Over 100 available.

Certificate Manager
Full-featured and intuitive, Certificate Manager easily creates and manages required certificates. Performs all certificate-related tasks, such as generating self-signed certificates and certificate signing requests (CSRs), exporting PKCS12 certificates, and many other documents..

Integrated Scheduler
Set transmissions to occur automatically, at any time or interval.

TCP/IP Port Usage Report
Eases implementation when a firewall is in place. Within LexiCom, a TCP/IP port usage report can be generated instantly and, in turn, be provided to the firewall administrator. This report gives the firewall administrator all of the information that is required to configure the firewall rules.

Leverage Reliability & Performance
When transacting business with key customers, taking risks is not an option. Powered by Cleo's VersaLex technology, LexiCom is a mature, proven software product with over 5,000 installations worldwide. The software has been available commercially for over four years and has successfully completed five consecutive rounds of eBusinessReady certification. Transaction verification is another important consideration and users can monitor and confirm the successful completion of all scheduled transmissions utilizing the LexiCom software's perpetual, printable log file.

LexiCom is powered by VersaLex technology, certified eBusinessReady Interoperable.

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